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Gunite Pools

What is Gunite?gunite2
Gunite is a process of applying concrete to form a structure. It is used to build pools, water tanks, bridges, and tunnels and has many other commercial and industrial applications.
Suburban Pools use a gunite rig in which sand and cement are mixed. The mixture is then blown through a hose and out of a nozzle at which point water is added. The high pressure application results in a dense, voidless concrete, making it exceptionally strong.
Suburban pools are heavily re-enforced with steel bars.
Steel re-enforced gunite pools are ideal for home pools in any location, whether built into sand or clay, on the mountain side or in low lying areas with a high water table.
They are custom built to any shape and size, with built in steps that usually include a shallow seat or play area for children.

A valuable benefit is that our gunite structures are monolithic, which means that there are no expansion joints. This is particularly important when building large swimming pools for schools etc., where the gunite process can take up to a few weeks.

Structural pools

Difficult sites often require specialized knowledge and skill. We recommend that architects, quantity surveyors, project managers and builders contact us as early as possible when planning developments that include a pool.
By offering a structurally engineered, turn-key pool installation, Suburban Pools are able to save the builder a lot of time, the client a lot of money and the project manager the peace of mind of not having to deal with the inevitable problems that occur when there is split responsibility.

Pool re-construction or renovation.

Suburban Pools can convert your old gunite pool into a modern, valuable asset.
Using as much of the original structure possible, we can change the shape, make the pool smaller or bigger, or just re-do the interior finishes and copings.
Fibreglass lining or re-marble-plastering of old pools is as inevitable as re-painting one’s house!
With water-polo becoming a fast growing school sport, recent contracts have included re-building school pools to accommodate water polo, and change the length to facilitate short-course swimming.

Beige PVC (Medium)

Slatted cover on pool

Pool Finishes

Similarly, we provide finishes to pools built by building contractors. This would generally include free design advice, and providing the reticulation, filtration, edge tiling and interior finishing, be it fiberglass lining or marble plaster.


Suburban Pools supply and install Pooltechnics automated floating slatted roller covers, which offer some unique benefits. (pic slatted cover on pool) Glass windows, windows, water features and pool accessories feature on many of our pools.