Structural Pools _Wyn

Posted by on September 16, 2013

Structural Pools _Wyn

In line with trends in the local tourist industry, client’s main business has shifted to tour groups from Europe.

The hotel had extensive underground and upper deck parking facilities, far in excess of requirements, whereas there was a need to extend the entertainment facilities. A new restaurant with outdoor facilities including a swimming pool and garden area was built on the upper parking deck. For the pool to be level with new “garden” area, required breaking out a 500 MM thick concrete slab and building the pool into the void below. As the basement floor was approximately three meters below the upper parking level, in order to have a swimming pool shallow enough for guests to stand in, the whole pool had to be raised off the basement floor.

The rest of the upper parking deck was pool enclosed for privacy and security, the entire area into the restaurant tiled with non-slip tiles. For guests’ comfort a  Solar Heating system was installed on the roof of the new restaurant.

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